Hilltop Nuptials

I first met Nazanin and Mehrdad at a coffee shop in Santana Row.  The memorable story of their chance meeting and romantic courtship soon began playing itself in my mind! 


The first time Nazanin and Mehrdad met one another, they had been driving, separately, but on the same route from Southern California to Northern California.  Eye contact was made when both cars stopped to get gas on the way, and after that, it was a pursuit by Mehrdad to get Nazanin’s attention and information all the way back to the Bay Area!  I am so glad he was successful. 

They made a beautiful couple and the love between them emanated from all their pores!  Their wedding was held at the gorgeous hilltop Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA where guests enjoyed magnificent views of the valley while listening to words on love and marriage from modern and classical poets and philosophers.